Strawberry-gold dust truffle. White chocolate truffle with strawberry cream filling and gold dust coating. As a gleaming sand at the beach during play of a sunset.

Large berry chocolate heart. White chocolate heart with berry powder (wild berry, strawberry or raspberry). Warm summer evening, hammock and bird lullabies.This heart is destined for lazy rest.

Raspberry heart. White chocolate heart with freeze-dried raspberry pieces on top. A bit shy, fragile and dreamy is this heart.

Strawberry heart. White chocolate heart with freeze-dried strawberry pieces. As a summer morning in childhood. Freshly picked strawberries covered with milk and sugar pearls.

Rhubarb heart. White chocolate heart with freeze-dried rhubarb pieces. Full of contrasts, but mild. As a fresh rain that pours over heated meadows.

Rose heart. White chocolate heart with rose petals. Auntie's best fragrance secretly spread on a neck, that now tease your nose in the warm wind.

Bronze dust heart. Dark chocolate heart with shiny bronze powder. Sun reflection at the delicate waves of lake and a silk tissue in spider's net that has caught a dew.

Gold dust heart. Dark chocolate with shiny gold powder. As a sunlight that brakes through a window in late afternoon. Intense and warming.

Golden heart. Dark chocolate with gold leaf. Royal, laconic and confident. There is nothing unnecessary in this heart. It is self-sufficient.

Bronze dust heart. Milk chocolate heart with bronze powder. As a mother of pearl, as a pearl in the river. This heart is sophisticated and bright.

Gold dust heart. Milk chocolate with shiny gold powder. Earth tone and warmth of a sun. Grounded, close to heart and coherent is this heart.

Striped heart. Milk chocolate heart with white chocolate stripes. As a pattern of shadows created by nature that reflects on a land at sunlight.

Marble chocolate heart. White chocolate heart with natural wild berry powder. Refreshing and majestic. As a marble fountain in Mediterranean sunlight.

Truffle selection: three pieces of hazelnut truffle, three pieces of lemon truffle and three pieces of mascarpone raspberry truffle.

Truffle selection: apricot truffle, balsamic wild berry truffle, black currant truffle, pistachio truffle and cranberry truffle.

Truffle selesction: two pieces of cherry truffle, two pieces of Mojito truffle, two pieces of strawberry truffle, two pieces of mango truffle, two pieces of champagne truffle, two pieces of basilic mango truffle, two pieces of pistachio truffle, two pieces of mascarpone raspberry truffle.

Truffle selection: three pieces of hazelnut truffle, three pieces of lemon truffle and three pieces of mascarpone raspberry truffle.

Dark chocolate truffle filled with strawberry butter, decorated with candied peels of rhubarb and pieces of cold dried strawberries. Tough rhubarb melted in the sweet embrace of the strawberry - woken up on the early summer morning, cuddled by the first rays of the sun. The Northern maidens have caught them both right in the middle of their joyous game. This splendid truffle is like the quite hope born out of the summer innocence - playful, yet shy.

White chocolate truffle with liquorice cream filling, covered with a velvety raspberry powder. Deep and heartfelt as the morning song of forest birds. Discovered and honed to perfection by the Northern maidens. Excellent and delightful.

Raspberry and balsamico filling wrapped in dark chocolate, decorated with tiny freeze-dried raspberry and bilberry pieces. Richly refreshing and cool. Like dancing shoes kicked off at daybreak. Truthful and joyous.

Milk chocolate truffle with mango filling, decorated with freeze-dried mango pieces. Fresh and juicy, rich and tangy. Like sunshine over rain clouds. Created by the Northern maidens’ fervour, this truffle itself is inspiring and real.

Marc de Champagne and white chocolate cream, glazed in milk chocolate, decorated with gold. Fragile like a golden ice flower on a glass. Mellowed by the Northern maidens, filled with femininity. Thrilling and flirtatious is this truffle.

Green pistachio cream fills a dark chocolate truffle decorated with pistachio nuts. Captivating and delicate like the shine on a Northern maiden’s satin dress. The subject of dreams and nurtured by hand. True and desirable is this truffle.

Milk chocolate truffle with gingerbread bits and spices, decorated with white chocolate. Like a warm breath on a frozen window. Sweet and peppery, wrapped in chocolate. A little wild thing, our close gingerbread truffle.

White chocolate and liqueur truffle, with lemon filling and lemon chocolate coating. Just like North wind. Revitalising and inspiring. That’s her – wandered over here from distant seas, carefully nurtured in the hands of Northern maidens.

Milk chocolate truffle with hazelnut filling, decorated with crushed hazelnuts. Intense, like the light of opera’s chandelier. Made from the nuts found deep in the forest, grand like thunder claps. Very powerful and genuine truffle.

Dark chocolate filled with cognac and dried fig pieces, decorated with freeze-dried powder of figs. Like the dance of the Northern lights. This truffle is created to be experienced and felt.

Caramel filling with caramel crisps, glazed in caramel chocolate and decorated with sea salt. Ice crystals crumbled in soothing caramel bedding. Sweet and salty play that intrigues. Contemporary, self-confident and desirable is this truffle.

Cherry cream and dark chocolate truffle decorated with freeze-dried cherry pieces. Wild and sweetsour like a Northerner’s soul. Deep and colourful like a forest thicket. Very deep and truthful is this truffle.

Almond cream and dark chocolate truffle adorned with Californian almond chips. Wild, rich and slightly prickly. Just like the wild Northern maidens. Untamed and authentic truffle.

Milk chocolate truffle with a cinnamon filling, decorated with freeze-dried apple pieces. A garland of dried apples swings from branch to branch. Sprinkled with eastern spices, it’s the Northern maiden’s secret. Nuanced and truthful.

White chocolate truffle with a sea-buckthorn juice filling, decorated with cornflower leaves. Silver moonlight and Northern lights. Like cool early summer nights, like cornflower fields. Sweetsour, beautiful sea-buckthorn is this truffle.

Forest berry cream and white chocolate truffle decorated with freeze-dried bilberry pieces. Love celebrated in a sunset. Thus as this love symbol - mature berry pearls wrapped in white. Truffle of forest riches.

White chocolate truffle with mascarpone cream filling, decorated with freeze-dried raspberry pieces. Silky delicacy. Like a cloud of mist cut by rays of sunlight. Captured and saved by the Northern maidens. Sensitive and honest truffle

Egg Nog liqueur cream and dark chocolate truffle adorned with white chocolate curls. Sweet and happy, dizzy and honest. Like weightless snow dances. Like goose bumps from happiness. A sensual and authentic kind of truffle.

Dark chocolate cream glazed in excellent 53% dark chocolate. Brash and confident, mighty and powerful Like a hundred year old Linden tree or an ancient stone. Like an uncut diamond in an opera diva's necklace. Rich and truthful truffle.

A caramel cream and milk chocolate truffle decorated with Paillete Feuilletine. Light and delicate like lace gloves, or morning dew drop gems. Full of the Northern maidens’ light, inspiration and fervour. Well-rounded and honest truffle.

Passion fruit cream and dark chocolate adorned with white chocolate chips. Fresh and light as plucked from a cloud. It came from afar but now is befriended. The Northern maidens’ spirit in passion fruit - encasedern in chocolate and truth.

Apricot cream truffle in white chocolate, decorated with apricot pieces. Light and fresh like a summer’s day. Carefree edge of a skirt in a breeze. Caught by Northern maidens and set in a white chocolate skin. True and playful truffle.

Milk chocolate truffle with a mojito soul decorated with freeze-dried peppermint leaves. Hidden by her wild nature. Like peace that is found in the heart of the wild thicket. This truffle is very secretive, honest and close to the heart.

Milk chocolate truffle filled with Bailey’s liqueur cream, decorated with chocolatecurls in two colours. Unbelievably delicate. Like a cloud, like opera curtain’s velvet. It recalls memories and celebrates passing days. Truthful and intense.

Milk chocolate truffle with a mango filling decorated with freeze-dried basil leaves. Refreshing and powerful. Like the juiciest fruit and an enticing nectar. That is the nature of this truffle – distinguished, rich and true

Dark chocolate cream truffle, decorated with cacao nibs. Real, true and heartfelt. No illusion or fraud here. It’s exactly as the Northern maidens found it. Refined, real and very desirable.

Dark chocolate truffle filled with rum and freeze-dried black currants, decorated with dark chocolate. Like a spring night. A sweetly sour taste of wildness in a dark chocolate casing. This fine, true rum and black currant truffle.

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Strawberry cream and white chocolate truffle adorned with freeze-dried strawberry pieces. True and full. Free and wild. Grown in the Northern land and nurtured by the hands of the Northern maidens. Honest and complete truffle.

White chocolate truffle filled with cranberry cream, decorated with freeze-dried cranberry pieces. Tangy and sweetsour. Its wild heart lies in the lap of chocolate sweetness. Like a quiet forest. True and real truffle.

A delicate saffron cream truffle in glazed milk chocolate, adorned with bronze powder. Proud and dignified, overseas princess. Northern maidens’ journeys hunting for spices and capturing saffron. Exquisit and genuine.

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Milk chocolate truffle with a black currant filling, decorated with freeze-dried black currant pieces. A thicket and marvelousness of black currant bushes. Like the depth of a lake, like the power of a rain cloud. Rich and delicate.

Delicate coffee cream and dark chocolate truffle decorated with dark chocolate sprinkles. Rich and thick like the darkest mist. Dense and solid like the night. Feral and elusive, to be savoured in a moment. True and mighty truffle.